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Targeted Content

Personalized content, alerts, announcements, emails, and calendar notices.

What you see when you log into the portal is content tailored specifically to maximize your user experience.

Responsive Design

Built to respond to your devices screen size.

The new myWestfield portal has been engineered with the ‘mobile-first’ user in mind.  The goal was to ensure that all screen sizes seamlessly provide an optimal user experience.   Content has been designed to resize itself and stack based on the size of the users screen.  Users will find it easier to navigate and read content on smaller mobile devices.

Find it Faster

You can now search myWestfield.

Another way the new MyWestfield portal has improved its site navigation is by adding its own content search engine. This allows users to quickly locate items hosted within MyWestfield and caters to the dynamic needs of all University portal users.

Tools to Collaborate

Bring that same collaborative buzz to your portal. Campus clubs can create a space to share information and to gather virtually. Tools like blogging, wikis, discussion boards, and bookmarks also encourage deeper communications and connections. These tools become even more important for online learners who are hungry for a connection to your institution.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved myWestfield!

The new address is: